Our Story: Taking Care Of Our Furry Friends

In the heart of Southern California, Saige, a passionate pet owner, founded ThePetBuds with a simple yet powerful mission: to offer safe, affordable dog toys for families like his. Inspired by his own furry family members, Chapo & Smokey, Saige saw a gap in the market for dog toys without the risks of stuffing and squeakers—common hazards hidden in playful disguises.

Driven by the love for Chapo and Smokey and frustrated by the high costs and safety concerns of traditional dog toys, Saige set out to create ThePetBuds: a family-owned brand dedicated to crafting high-quality, no-stuffing, and squeaker-free toy options at prices that families can feel good about. From our family to yours, ThePetBuds is built on the principles of safety, affordability, and the joy of play, ensuring that every product reflects our commitment to the well-being of your pets.

At ThePetBuds, we're more than just a brand; we're a family working to make playtime safer and more enjoyable for dogs and their owners everywhere. Join us in our mission to bring happiness and safety to pets and peace of mind to families, one toy at a time.



Saige and Chapo work hand in paw overseeing all operations at ThePetBuds. Located in the sunny heart of Southern California, their mission is to transform every tail-wagging moment into an affordable delight!

Warehouse Member


Smokey, already a beloved member of ThePetBuds family, multitasks like a pro – meticulously packing your orders with one paw and quality-testing toys with the other. If your package arrives with a hint of playfulness, you know who to thank for that extra sprinkle of joy!

Toy Tester


Chapo's verdict? "I love these toys!" And we couldn't agree more! With his seal of approval, you can rest assured that each toy is paw-sitively perfect for endless hours of fun. Thanks for being our top toy tester, Chapo!

How is ThePetBuds Different From Other Brands?

  • Family-Owned and Operated

    ThePetBuds brings the genuine warmth and care of a family-owned business to its products and customer service. This personal touch is evident in every toy, making customers feel part of the ThePetBuds family. This connection can be especially appealing to those who value supporting small and family-run businesses.

  • Affordability Without Compromise

    By providing high-quality toys at nearly half the price of retail, ThePetBuds ensures that safety and fun are accessible to all families, regardless of budget. This affordability, coupled with uncompromised quality, sets the brand apart in a market where high costs can often be a barrier for pet owners.

  • Safety First Philosophy

    With a strong focus on creating no-stuffing and squeaker-free toys, ThePetBuds prioritizes the safety of pets above all else. This commitment addresses a significant concern for pet owners aware of the choking dangers traditional toys can pose, offering them a worry-free alternative.

Located in Southern California 🌴

Welcome to ThePetBuds, located in sunny Southern California, where Chapo & Smokey oversee the shipping process with a playful paw. While our store may be virtual, our location ensures that each package is infused with a bit of California sunshine before embarking on its journey to your doorstep!